Companies and organizattions of all kind

  • Private and nonprofit sectors
  • Large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations
  • No specific industry specialization, but extensive experience in following branches: private and public transport, health care, higher education and scientific research, services, public institutions, associations
  • National and international companies
  • Supervisory boards, executive management committees, divisions and departments

Over 40 companies in following industries (references on demand)

  • Administration (cantons and cities)
  • Aviation (national and regional airlines, air traffic control, airports, ground services, aviation schools)
  • Health care (hospitals, health care networks, services for older people)
  • Higher education (universities, universities of applied sciences)
  • Insurances (primary insurance and reinsurance)
  • Industry (engineering, electronics)
  • Information technology
  • Nonprofit Organizations and NGOs (culture, development aid, professional associations, research, unions)
  • Public and private transport (urban transportation services, bus- and railway companies, commercial transportation)
  • Tourism (hotel business)