Core Competencies

Corporate Development. Design and management of strategic development, change and transformation processes. Thematic focus: strategy, business models, goal setting and planning, management and organizational structures, restructuring and organizational development, process design and reengineering, M&A, integration management, result improvement programs, cross-functional and complex initiatives and projects.

Analytical and conceptual thinking. Fast analytical understanding of problems with focus on the essential issues, ability to abstract, change perspective and find new approaches.

Process management. Sound and stable management of transformation processes. Skill at effective intervention in complex organizations and social systems.

Integration. Appropriate integration of all relevant stakeholders, decision takers and persons responsible for implementation, depending on the phase of the transformation process and their hierarchical level. Integration of the key economic, social and technological success factors as well as the dynamics of the social fabric of the organization.

Expert opinions. Disclosure, transparent and comprehensible evaluation of problems and approach to resolving them. Formulating independent opinions and advice.

Goal orientation and implementation. Strong orientation towards effective solutions, operationalization of strategies into concrete measures, challenge of planned solutions, overcome obstacles and resistances, initiation of measures of implementation, support until realization.


Integration of the expert and the process approach as success factor and USP

The process design supports the development of effective and goal oriented solutions and the full engagement for their implementation.  Following is assured: congruency between the objectives and the architecture of the project, necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge at all levels of the project organization, integration of all aspects and issues concerning the hard and soft factors, multiple challenge of the planned solutions, adherence to the sucess factors of change management, smart interweavement between the procedural measures and the aspects regarding the contents and the expertise.



Project experience. More than 20 years of engagement in corporate development processes in different industries, independent consultant and expert for corporate development since 1998.

Internationality. Experience and facility in multicultural settings.

Partnership. Collaboration with other professional and experienced consultants to complement know-how and/or capacity.